Anthropology Red Deer Cave People China

The evolution of man from ape to Adam is a debate between creationist and evolutionist as to the origin of man, yet the breadth of the earth’s existence certainly has room to entertain both beliefs. It is a debate that has continued because each side has pieces missing from their respective puzzles. Creationists have their accounts of the creation of man, transcribed from tribal folklore through several extinct languages, but little definitive evidence. Evolutionists left stranded by their ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary chain, have fared no better with a conclusive argument.

The Red Deer Cave People of China are different, but they are not definitive, meaning not different enough.  The fossilized remains are believed to be about 12,000 to 14,000 years old after dating the materials found with and around the fossils. The discovery was actually divided between two caves suggesting there was a community of cave people.  The Red Deer Cave People’s existence over laps other species of people and the mix of older and newer genetic features suggest interbreeding between the species.  It also means that modern man and this hominid species may have shared many of the same survival techniques, lived relatively close to each other, and competed for the available resources.

The Red Deer Cave People were there to witness ancient China discover farming as a resource, some 14,500 years ago, but were unable to adapt as the Homo Sapiens had done.  The species may have been isolated from interbreeding with more modern human, and the generations became less modern due to genetic drift.  Another possibility is that the Red Deer Cave People are a separate evolutionary line that did not adapt and were unable to survive the changing world around them.  While the majority of the Hunter/ Gatherer species were discovering farming, and putting down roots, those who could not adjust, were just blown away.

The Red Deer Cave People of China were actually discovered in the late 1970’s, but were only recently examined by scientists.  The bones had to be carefully removed from solid rock, before they could be examined to see that the fossils were indeed different from the humans at the time. The combination of modern human features, as well as distinctly different features has led some scientist to believe that the Red Deer Cave People of China were either a unique evolutionary line that failed, or competing homo sapiens that suffered from genetic drift, ending the species altogether.