Animals that can go the Longest without Drinking Water

A human can only last about three days without drinking water. It could be a few days more or less depending upon the climate area they are located in. If a human is in the desert area for longer than 4 days without water, they will die. Dehydration can have serious effects and can lead to death if not treated in humans. There are a few animals that can survive for a while without drinking water. Many people think that the camel can last he longest without drinking water, but they are wrong. A camel can survive up to 15 days without water. The kangaroo rat is the only animal on earth that can go the longest without. The kangaroo rat makes its home in Death Valley. The lifespan of the kangaroo rat is 3 to 5 years and it can go an entire lifetime without drinking one sip of water. The kangaroo rat gets moisture from the seeds they eat and this animal is not related to the kangaroo or the rat family. They are related to gophers and beavers.

The kangaroo rat can metabolize what it needs and this is how they can reduce their need for drinking water. So many people think it is the camel that can go the longest without water, but it is actually the kangaroo rat. Camels are native to the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. A camel’s lifespan is 40 to 50 years. A camel has a very unique immune system. Camels also have very thick coats that keep them insulated from the desert heat. Their kidneys are really strong at retaining water.

There are some sand cats and some species of owl that do not drink water and they get the water they need from the plants they eat. The koala bear can also go a while without drinking water, but still nothing beats the kangaroo rat. Death Valley is the desert and it is also the lowest and driest area in the United States. This area has super heated air-blow which makes extremely high temperatures. The Greater road runner is another animal that shares its Death Valley home with the kangaroo rat. Not many animals and wildlife live in Death Valley, but the ones that do can survive or adapt to not drinking water for periods of time. It is really interesting to learn how these animals, large and small can survive without water. A human will die without water for long periods of time.