Alternatives to getting Psychological help

For severe mental conditions that are effecting yourself and your loved ones it is always suggested to go seek professional help. With that said, there are also some mild situations in which psychological help is not necessary. This is especially true for mild forms of depression that may be seasonal or perhaps just a period of the blues which may not require any psychological evaluation at all.

There are alternatives in which a person can recover from the blues without seeking professional help. And many of these fixes are new within the last couple of decades. Findings in positive psychology, music therapy, nature therapy, social connectedness, and stress relief methods all can be great alternatives to turn to for psychological help.

Positive psychology is a new field founded by Seligman and Diener and their studies have shown that remaining connected to friends and family is a great way to keep happy. Being active in your social circles whether you are introverted or extroverted is a great way to keep away the blues.

Music therapy continues to be popular in nursing homes, and for those suffering from severe forms of mental illness. The process of writing and playing music can have therapeutic effects which relax the body and mind. You don’t necessarily have to be musically inclined to receive the benefits of music therapy. Just listening to relaxing music can help you sooth. Rap, metal, and rock music aren’t suggested for music therapy.

Recent research has shown that being in a natural environment has great benefits to the mind and body. It can help people learn better, become relaxed, and keep heart problems away. Going out on a nature walk is a great way to keep the blues away and relieve stress. The theory is that looking at nature doesn’t require critical thinking or extra decision making. A plant is just a plant and a rabbit is just a rabbit. Get out and get some fresh air. Though this can be difficult for city slickers. Those living in the city can receive similar benefits by merely looking at an image online of nature. However the benefits are not as great as the real thing.

Stress relief methods include journaling, controlled venting, and sharing with others typical day burdens. Keeping a private journal is a way to rid the day of its bad. And sometimes instead of focusing on the bad in a private journal try focusing on the good things in the day as well. Being positive in a journal is a great way to stay positive for the next day. Controlled venting is basically being destructive within reason. Try writing a hate document on word, just don’t share it with anyone. Or perhaps spend some time crumpling up some paper. This can be an effective and safe way to deal with stress. The best way to deal with everyday issues is to talk to someone about them. A peer or good friend will always listen and share their own stories back.

If you have been considering psychological help but aren’t sure if you really are in need of professional advice, try some of these methods above. If things continue to be unbearable, you may want to seek further advice. Hopefully this helps.