Alternative Fuels

Bifidus, Hydrogen, I shall discover
If I could make one scientific discovery it would be to discover a cost-effective method of separating or breaking the hydrogen bonds that form precious water, thus creating pure hydrogen and oxygen; for this scenario we will refer to this process as Bifidus. There are many valuable implications that can become of this discovery. Hydrogen’s capacity to aid us humans is vast, and our planet has limitless reserves that are just waiting to be opened.

Hydrogen is everywhere; it is the most abundant element in the universe and the third most abundant element on our planet. It is found in all organic matter and water. Since our planet is made up of seventy percent of renewable water Bifidus will an almost infinite source to draw from.

The potential to bring the world into a new age, just as the discovery of gunpowder and fossil fuels have shall be the driving force behind this discovery. Today Hydrogen can fuel internal combustion engine vehicles as well as tomorrow’s fuel-cell vehicles. Hydrogen can replace today’s natural gas for heating and cooling homes and powering hot water heaters. Hydrogen is also used to make ammonia, methanol, gasoline, heating oil, and rocket fuel. The more hydrogen we have on hand the cheaper production of these and many more products will become.

Why would I want to pursue this discovery if there are already methods of obtaining hydrogen? Even with Hydrogen’s many uses the problem still remains that it is currently being produced from non-renewable natural gas and electrolysis, these methods are simply not effective enough to be used on a commercial scale. But by using Bifidus we can simply split a water molecule (H2O) into two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Today, in our world of alternative energy sources and global warming, hydrogen can play a leading role in addressing, streamlining, and fixing the challenges we face everyday. If I could make a discovery, Bifidus would be that discovery. Bifidus will be able to be produce hydrogen anywhere in the world where there is an abundant water source and ensure a future of plentiful alternative fuel.