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Albert Einstein is a renowned name not only among physicists and scientists but to the whole world. He was and is known as a genius.

Einstein was a simple man. He was born on Friday March 14, 1879. In school days, his teachers and friends hated him. He was teased and considered stupid. He was hated by his friends for mainly two reasons:

1.Because he was a Jew.
2.he was quite different from others.

He was one of the quietest students in the class. Yet because of curiosity he was the one who used to ask the most questions to teachers. This was yet another reasons his teachers hated him.

He was once in his childhood amazed at the behavior of the compass. He later decided that “something deeply hidden had to be behind things.” Most of his free time he’d find himself playing his violin or scribbling notes.

Einstein was interested in Math, Physics, Politics and religion. Einstein was a religious man but he was not discriminate about different religions. It is believed that when Einstein’s uncle had taught him algebra head had said that algebra is a merry science and in algebra we have to find the identity of an unknown entity which is called x. The definition probably made Einstein interested in algebra and so for the rest of his life he took algebraic equations not as assignments but as puzzles that he’d do just for fun.

In 1905 A.D a scientific revolution took place due to three papers by Einstein that had been published in Annalen der Physik (Annals of Physics). The idea presented makes up an important part in the quantum theory. Max K.E.L Planck had proposed that radiation of light occurred in packets of energy called quanta, Einstein later extended the idea by arguing that light consisted of quanta, which was later called photons. With the idea he explained the photoelectric effect. He explained that the photons of light hits the metal and forces it to lose electrons. This is the photoelectric effect.

In his second paper he explained the electrodynamics of moving bodies. It also consisted of the Special theory of Relativity. His third paper had an explanation of the Brownian movement.

In 1915 A.D, ten years after the three papers had been published; Einstein presented yet another paper named ‘General Theory of Relativity’. According to Einstein the General theory was based on the Special theory.

For the rest of his life, from 1920 A.D Einstein tried to create the unified field theory. But in spite of his strong determination and hard work he had no success in it. Till this date the unified field theory has not been properly finalized.

Einstein was first married to Mileva Maric, whom he later divorced. And later he married his own cousin, Elsa.

It seems that Einstein was not much in a want of ‘more’ money, because despite many of the magazines had offered him a large sum of money for his autography, he refused. His ‘Autobiographical Notes’ is the only autobiography he has written.

It is said that Einstein had spoken his last words in German, in front of a nurse who didn’t understand German so no one knows what actually his last words were. After his death in 1955 A.D his brain was kept preserved, which was studied by scientists to find the secret of the great genius of Albert Einstein.