Advances in Total Joint Replacement

I remember a quarter of a century ago talking with the first person I knew who was undergoing a full knee replacement. He had some grave concerns because his doctor was telling him that it would either be a roaring success or a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He came out walking.

It was long before those odds had improved considerably with less alergenic materials and adhesives. Soon, I was encounter numbers of people who had both knees fixed at the same time. Now, unless you have some odd physical problem before hand knee replacement seems almost mundane.

Hips came on the scene with similar concerns, but it was not long until they too were much improved. I’ve known of one 80 year old who probably could have walked from surgery to his room if they would have awakened him.

A hip or knee, a hip and a knee, or a mix and match are not uncommon any longer. Most of us know many people who have had these procedures. If you don’t it’s because they were so successful that they don’t even mention the surgery to you.

Now, shoulders are being replaced at a more and more rapid rate. It is wonder surgery that can restore the loss that injury and arthritis takes from people. It’s only a matter of time until every joint can be replaced. The advancements are increasing. Finger joints already are replaced to offset the effects of rhumatoid arthritis.