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Our planet has an abundance of beautiful, breathtaking wonders.  There are many lists of “wonders” throughout the globe.  The seven natural wonders must be just that, natural.  Historical significance and uniqueness are just two factors in qualifying locations or objects to carry the title of being one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  If an object has been manipulated in any way, it is no longer qualified to become a natural wonder.  Other factors that are examined are the object’s beauty and size.  Generally the country’s board of tourism investigates and selects the natural wonders.  The seven natural wonders of the world are listed below.  Read and explore the following sites, they are truly astounding.

Natural Wonder #1 – Aurora Borealis

Otherwise known as the Northern Lights or the Polar Auroras, is a naturally occurring spectacular light show in the sky.  Its appearance resembles colorful waves that bounce through the sky creating a magnificent display of dancing colors. 

Your best chance to see the Northern Lights is to travel north towards the magnetic pole located in the arctic islands of Canada.  You can’t predict the light show however; you will have a greater chance of catching it if you look during the months of March, April, September, and October. 

Natural Wonder #2 – The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an enormous gorge created by the Colorado River located in the state of Arizona.  Its beauty, size and colorful landscape makes it a must see for tourists from near and far. 

There are numerous ways to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon.  It’s said that the best view of the canyon can be seen from the Toroweap Overlook However the challenge is making your way to it.  The location is only accessible by a few dirt paths that are many miles long.  An alternate location is Lipan Point located on the South Rim.  Take it from me; the helicopter ride through the canyon is amazing.  It was the most memorable part of my visit to the Grand Canyon.

Natural Wonder #3 – Paricutin

The Paricutin is a cinder cone volcano located in Mexico.  It’s one of the world’s natural wonders because a human witnessed its birth.  The youngest volcano in America grew three quarters its size within the first year of its birth.  It measures 9101 feet in height and is classified as dormant.  Its last eruption dates back to the early 1950’s. 

The recommended options to explore the wonder is to either hike the twelve mile round trip up the volcano or travel by horseback.  The volcano is opened all year to explore, however the rainy season is from May through September and can make for some wet and difficult conditions.  Summer month temperatures range from the high 70’s to the mid 80’s and the winter temperatures run from the high 50’s to the high 60’s. 

Natural Wonder #4 – Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is an outstanding waterfall located on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe in South Africa and was named by Dr. David Livingstone, a Scottish explorer.  With its massive spread of water, it’s considered to be the larges sheet of falling water in the world. 

The two suggested options to view the wonder are by helicopter and microlite.  First, a microlite is fascinating.  It’s a two person aircraft that gives the tourist an unbelievable aerial view of Victoria Falls and the surrounding area.  A helicopter tour also allows the tourist to view the wonder with a spectacular view. 

Natural Wonder #5 – Mount Everest

The 29,029 feet high mountain located between Nepal and Tibet is the highest spot on Earth.  Taking an organized guided flight around the mountain is the best way to view the wonder for the average tourist.  If you are an experienced climber and chose to climb the enormous wonder of the world, climbers must purchase a permit costing $25,000.  October and November are the driest and best times of the year for touring the mountain. 

Natural Wonder #6 – Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest individual formation made by living organisms.  The largest coral reef in the world has in excess of 900 islands and 2,900 individual reefs.  Since the reef extends under water, the best way to experience the wonder is to scuba dive or snorkel. 

There are boat rides and cruises that take you to witness the spectacular marine life created by the Great Barrier Reef.  A helicopter tour is available to witness an astonishing aerial view of the area.  Some if the islands along the reef have been transformed into resorts, bringing in the neighborhood of 2 million tourists a year.

Natural Wonder #7 – Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil, South America and was created by erosion from the Atlantic Ocean.  Circling the harbor are the beautiful granite Monolith Mountains.  A few key common sites are the hills of Tijuca, Governor’s Island, Snake Island, and the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. 

Helicopter tours are available to view the wonderful mountains and landscapes.  For the more adventurous individuals, there is the option of using a hang glider to receive the exhilarating effect of the aerial view.  The suggested times to visit the harbor is during the months of September and October when the weather is most tolerable.