The vegan loaf generator

When trying to live and eat healthfully, the things that people end up giving up are “comfort foods,” the often fattening, yet satisfying, meals that your mother or grandma prepared on Sunday nights or when you were not feeling well. Lasagna, casseroles and meatloaf all might fall into this category. While there are lightened versions of some of the available, the meatloaf is the hardest to tackle. After all, the key ingredient is meant to be meat.

But, thanks to Jennifer at Vegan Lunchbox, there is a great alternative to meatloaf that is just as deliciously satisfying as the original — and healthier, too! She created the Magical Loaf Studio, which generates combinations of vegan meatloaf-style loaves without the meat. You can choose from all of your favorite ingredients and flavors and come up with a custom loaf, tailored to suit your tastes. I’ve tried it several times (the one pictured is made with a veggie “beef”) and had several great loaves.

Not only do you get that comfort food feeling from the loaf, but you can enjoy a totally meatless meal without even thinking twice about it. And there is always the possibility of meatloaf sandwiches with the leftovers…

Author by Nicole Weston