3 Ways to Battle Ativan Addiction

1. Realize That You Probably Can’t Do It Alone

Most people who are addicted to Ativan initially tell themselves that they can break the addiction on their own, without help. They think that they can either just stop using it abruptly, or they can gradually reduce their use of it until they no longer need it. In most cases, breaking an addiction to Ativan isn’t that easy. Ativan causes your body to become physically dependent on it, and long-term use can actually change the way the brain functions. Withdrawing from it, even slowly, often brings about unpleasant side effects that cause most addicts to reach for the drug again. In order to completely get off of Ativan, medical intervention and assistance is usually necessary.

2. Go to Rehab

In-patient rehab has one of the highest rates of success of any treatment for Ativan addiction. Most in-patient treatment programs run for a minimum of 3 months. This is the least amount of time it usually takes to completely break an Ativan addiction. During rehab, you’ll go through a medically supervised withdrawal from Ativan and may be given certain other medications during the withdrawal to alleviate the symptoms. You’ll then have intensive one-on-one and group counseling to help you realize why you became addicted and enable you avoid a relapse. Many former Ativan addicts feel a great temptation to use the drug again whenever they are in places they used the drug before or with people with whom they used. Counseling will help you be able to face these people and situations without wanting to down another pill.

3. Look for Alternatives for When You’re Feeling Anxious

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. However, most people don’t reach for a tranquilizer. Instead of automatically thinking of taking Ativan when you’re feeling anxious or stressed, examine alternatives. For example, you can drink a cup or two of calming chamomile tea, meditate, take a walk or pray. Some people go out and get a massage or go see a movie. Whatever relaxes you the most–aside from Ativan–is what you should be doing whenever you feel anxious. Having several alternatives like these on hand to help you through tough times will help keep you from turning to Ativan again in the future.