How to Lose Ten Pounds in 3 Months


Approximately 66 percent of adults in America are considered overweight or obese, according to the National Library of Medicine. If you fall into that category, you need to lose weight. In order to lose 10 lbs. in three months, you need to lose approximately 1 lb. per week, which means eliminating 500 calories from your diet per day. To maximize the chance of keeping the weight off after you lose the 10 pounds, you have to make a lifestyle change by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Step 1

Eat a balanced diet that is comprised of the six food groups recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture: fruits, vegetables, lean meats and beans, grains, milk, and oil. The MyPyramid website offers personalized food pyramids based on these food groups.

Step 2

Snack on low-calorie foods instead of foods that have a lot of calories or are high in fat. Instead of eating regular cookies, choose to eat a 100-calorie pack of cookies, or choose low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Step 3

Drink water, 100 percent fruit juices, and zero-calorie flavored water instead of sugary drinks. Soft drinks contain empty calories and will work against your weight-loss goal.

Step 4

Plan your meals. The American Academy of Family Physicians states that most people can eat three healthy meals and one healthy snack each day, or you can opt to eat five to six mini-meals that are 2 to 3 hours apart. Either way, the idea is to not skip any meals or allow yourself to get hungry. If you are hungry, you are more likely to overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

Step 5

Exercise for 60 to 90 minutes per day on most days of the week. According to, you can choose cardiovascular, resistance, stretching, or calisthenics exercises to meet these requirements. Walking, lifting weights, yoga, swimming, and aerobics classes are some options. You can do your exercises in multiple sessions as long as the total time equals 60 to 90 minutes daily.

Tips and Warnings

  • Plan for one small reward for each of the three months you are on your weight loss quest. This gives you motivation to stay on track. A manicure, buying a new outfit, or going on a fishing trip are some examples of suitable rewards.

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