Goodwill Vehicle Donations

According to the Goodwill website, in 2007, Goodwill helped 1.1 million people. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that provides education and training for the disadvantaged. It provides for the handicapped, the homeless, and those lacking education. Their goal by the year 2020 is to serve 20 million people and their families. You can help Goodwill by donating clothing, household items, computers, and vehicles. You can also give a donation online.


Reverend Edgar Helms, Jr. founded Goodwill in 1902 when he started collecting goods from the wealthy. He trained the poor to prepare the merchandise to sell. The sold goods provided money to help the poor and to train them for potential jobs. Today, Goodwill is a 3.2 million dollar nonprofit organization.


Donating a vehicle to Goodwill will benefit the needy in one of two ways. Some cars are used to provide transportation to and from work for those in need or the car is auctioned. The money received from the sale of the vehicle is used to help fund job training and employment for the needy. According to Goodwill, 84 percent of the revenue is used to benefit people.


To donate your car, simply notify the main headquarters of Goodwill in your area. Each area has a different procedure, but most will ask you to drop the car off, or they will send an authorized representative to pick up the car. Fill out the title with all information and sign it over to Goodwill. You will need to find out the fair market value of your car. You can do this through Kelly Blue Book or your local bank. Collect all maintenance records and take a picture of your car. This is the proof of its value. Goodwill will give you a receipt for the car. You will be able to deduct the car value on your income taxes.


Contact the headquarters. Go to the goodwill website and find the “locator” tab. Enter your full address. Remember to click either USA or Canada before hitting the search button. A map will come up with the headquarter’s address and phone number as well as all the Goodwill stores in your area.


If you have other items to donate besides a vehicle, you can bring your items into any Goodwill store. Wash or dry-clean clothing before donating. Make sure electrical items and battery-operated items work. Don’t donate recalled items, and don’t drop your items outside of a Goodwill store. If you wish to donate money, you can do that online.