Home Solutions for a Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair

In the summer, humidity makes it impossible for curly or wavy hair to hold a style without frizz, and in the winter, the dry air makes it parched and prone to splitting. Instead of relying on drugstore serums to tame curly hair, look in your own cupboards for home solutions for a hair serum to tame frizzy hair.

Lip Balm

The same waxy lip balm that you use to add shine to your dry lips can work wonders as a serum for your frizzy hair. Choose a wax-based balm with little additives, and the next time that you pause to put some on your lips, run a little over your fingertips. Then, drag the tips of your fingers through your hair, starting near the roots. The heavy, wax nature of the lip balm weighs the hair down for a sleeker appearance, and gives it a boost of shine.

Warmed Petroleum Jelly

“Marie Claire” magazine recommends warming your hair serum products so they spread easily without clumping, so place a tub of petroleum jelly on the radiator or working dryer to warm up for 10 minutes before you do your hair. When you remove the jelly, it should be slightly runny and the ideal consistency to comb through your hair to promote a sleek look without flyaways or frizzy ends.

Dryer Sheet

If you’re running short on time, yet your hair isn’t done, use the fabric softener found on a dryer sheet to tamp down frizzy hair and tame it into submission. In fact, you can keep a dryer sheet in your purse for quick touch ups on the go. Just remove the dryer sheet from the box and smooth it over your hair, picking up hair in sections and grasping with the dryer sheet. The fabric softener will transfer to the hair, reducing static and dry-looking strands.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, a product that you can easily find in health food and beauty stores, can be an ideal serum to add moisture and shine, especially to the dry ends of your frizzy hair, says TargetWoman.com. It should be noted that it can be extremely oily, so use sparingly. Tip the bottle onto your fingers and use what comes away on your fingertips only. Twist the ends of your hair between your fingertips to infuse them with moisture and reduce frizz. You can also add a few drops of coconut oil to your other products, like gel and hairspray to reduce the drying effect they can have on your frizzy hair.