Cellular Credit Card Terminals

Using cellular technology to process credit card transactions is becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. Wireless credit card terminals are reliable and efficient. They tend to be slightly more expensive to operate than land line terminals. But, using a cellular phone as a credit card terminal is typically just as reliable and often less costly than some larger dedicated wireless terminals. You will enjoy the ultimate in mobility and convenience.


  • Cellular technology, now totally digital, works well when modified to process credit card transactions. Recent levels of security allow the user to safely and quickly process credit card charges from locations far away from a cash register. People doing business away from their workplace, like plumbers, electricians, curtain consultants, and other service firms can negotiate agreements and collect charge transactions wherever they can receive a wireless signal.


  • Mobility is key. Using cellular credit card equipment, you can complete a credit card sale almost anywhere. Should you need a printed receipt, hand held wireless printers, no larger than a bar of soap, are also available. These transactions are totally secure, as they are data, not cell phone voice transactions, and work as safely as Internet shopping. If you have a voice service package, you can even call your office from the same handset and report your latest sale.


  • Although not important with classic credit card processing, geography is a consideration with cellular terminals. Just as you need a signal to complete your cell phone calls, you require a decent tower signal to communicate your credit card transactions. If you favor selling your products at outdoor and flea markets, on neighboring islands, or in ski country, verify the availability of cell tower signals.


  • Unlike classic land line credit card terminals, for which you need only a standard analog telephone line, there might be a few other costs to use a cellular credit card terminal. You normally need to have a subscription for data air time much like your monthly cell phone voice plan. You will also often pay small transaction fees in addition to the regular transaction fees charged by your credit card processor.


  • Cellular credit card terminals can be a highway to success for many firms, particularly service companies. Plumbers, electricians, lawn care professionals, appliance repair firms, and other service companies that often perform their expertise in homes and offices can collect their fees securely at their customers’ sites. Restaurants, which face regular criticism because their wait staff often disappears with diner’s credit cards, can satisfy their customers’ concerns by swiping their cards table side, eliminating any security concerns.