5 Ways to go Surf Fishing

1. Equip Yourself

Before you ever go surf fishing, you need the proper equipment. First on the list is a durable rod, because fishing in the surf is the toughest of all angler sports on equipment. Because you are standing in salt water while surf fishing, and all that comes in with the tide, the tools can corrode or become damaged by the incoming debris. In short, do not skimp on the quality of the rod and reel why you are surf fishing. The two most common ties of reels are conventional and spinning reels. If you are a beginner, then the spinning reel is the better choice due to better line control in the windy surf. As for the fishing line, the best is nylon monofilament 15 to 20 pound test fishing line.

2. Dressing for the Surf

For the best comfort while you are in the surf, dressing appropriately is a must. Choose waders and a jacket that are waterproof and breathable. Be sure to use a belt to cinch the waders to keep you as dry as possible. As for boots, you can buy some waders that come with the boots, but the downside is that boots and waders sizes are hard to match. For instance, if you are tall but with small feet then the boots will most likely be too large. Buying the wading boots separately may be your option in this case.

3. Bait Fishing

The type of bait to use for surf fishing will depend on what type of fish is running and what area you are fishing. Once you determine the type of fish, you need to determine what those fish like to eat. Certain types of fish inhabit some areas all year round. The best place to find this out is a local bait and tackle shop. Ask the workers in the shop about the fish in the area and if they don’t know, then ask if they have a local fishing guide you can purchase. As a last resort, you can go out to the surf and ask the other anglers before you purchase the bait. Finally, the bait can be either living or dead–it will depend on the fish and personal preference.

4. Surf Bags

Surf bags are a great tool to bring along on the excursion. There are bags and backpacks specifically designed for surf fishing. You can put all of your necessary tackle and some refreshments in the bag. This keeps you from having to trek all the way back to the beach to change lures or get something to drink.

5. Weather Report

Before leaving for any surf fishing outing you need to check the weather and tide report and dress accordingly or postpone it all together. If the weather is bad, the last thing you want to do is stand in middle of the water with a metal rod. In addition, if the surf is too choppy it will make for a terrible day of surf fishing.

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