Healthy Handful: My favorite ways to relax and renew

There are times when relaxation seems like a luxury of the past, as I chase my toddler out of the kitchen cabinets, throw in a load of laundry, chop vegetables for tonight’s dinner, all while keeping my dog from eating the UPS man, who is bringing my husband the latest screener copy for TV Squad to review.

When I do get a few minutes to myself, here are my favorite ways I like to relax. These are, mind you, beyond the givens, like reading before bed and watching Gray’s Anatomy while eating Dagoba Organic Eclipse bars. . .

1. Meditate — There was a time I was meditating at least a half hour every day, and boy, did I feel good. Whenever I can sneak it in, I listen to my good old Holosync CDs and reap the health benefits of meditation.

2. Yoga — Even if it is just sneaking in a quick stretch or two while Owen is playing with his trucks, it can really make the difference in re-centering me to get through the rest of the day relaxed. Check out my favorite yoga poses.

3. Aromatherapy bath — There is nothing like being able to use the right essential oils to compliment my mood. If I feel the need for deep renewal, sandalwood and rose otto in a hot bath is the magic potion. To start anew, lavender works wonders for me.

4. Walk in the woods — So I may not have time to stop and smell the roses (unless I am taking an aromatherapy bath) but I can enjoy the fresh air, the foliage, the wildflowers and the birds, deer and other wildlife on the conservation land behind our house. I knew we bought this house for a reason . . .

5. Retail therapy — Sadly, a shopping trip, whether to the mall or online, does wonders for me. If I get something the family needs, I feel more relaxed because it is one less thing on my list and I am one step closer to organized. If it is an indulgent purchase, well, that speaks for itself I suppose.

There are many other things I like to do to relax, and they don’t all involve chocolate or shopping. Cooking, playing with and reading to Owen and frolicking with the dog all rate high marks, as does any family time. The renewal part for me comes from solitary activities. What activities help you to relax and renew the most?

Author by Debra McDuffee