Healthy Handful: My favorite breakfast foods

Due to my crazy food in-tolerances, I have had to get creative with breakfasts over the years. I can’t eat wheat (unless it is sprouted) or dairy (unless it is organic whole milk yogurt or goat products) and I won’t eat anything that isn’t jam-packed with nutrition, so that leaves out most boxed cereals and pre-packaged foods. Here are some breakfast foods that make the cut:

1. Ezekiel Sprouted English Muffins — The sprouted grains are highly digestible and full of nutrition, and they are hearty and satisfying. I dress them up with flax oil, raw almond butter, ground flax seeds, raw sesame seeds and currants.

2. Manna Bread — Sprouted wheat, no yeast, full of nutrition. The Carrot Raisin is like a little carrot cake and the Cinnamon Date like a decadent treat. Truly yummy.

3. Eggs — I love eggs, cooked just about any way. The good fats and protein in one little egg make them a nutrition powerhouse. Omelets are a great excuse to get veggies into your morning meal, too. If only my son weren’t allergic to eggs . . . oh, how I miss eggs!

4. Ezekiel Cereal — Yep, more sprouted grains. This cereal reminds me a little of Grape Nuts, but much healthier and easier to chew! I toss in extra seeds and usually some fresh or dried fruit and use yogurt or rice milk. It is also great as a hot cereal.

5. Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes — I make these from scratch with buckwheat flour, sprouted spelt flour, wild blueberries and sunflower seeds. Sunday mornings wouldn’t be the same without them. A little flax oil and some grade B maple syrup and the three of us eat the whole batch.

Pair any of these foods with free range organic chicken sausage, apple maple flavored of course, and fruit salad and the perfect breakfast is born. Good morning!

Author by Debra McDuffee