Healthy Handful: my favorite non-gym activities

Although I usually have quite a bit of energy, it’s sometimes a struggle to drag myself to the gym. It can be boring, and sometimes that fluorescent lighting just gets to me. Plus it doesn’t help that my gym is one of the busiest in the city and it can sometimes be a wait to get on the elliptical trainer.

I like to find ways to incorporate healthy activities into my every day life. I’ve tried lots but here are my favorites:

1-Dancing: Salsa and hip-hop dancing is fun, but my favorite dance class was a bit naughty: an exotic dance class. It was a real workout and the girls and I had a blast laughing at each others ‘sexy’ moves. Definitely an awesome experience.

2-Walking: I walk pretty much everywhere within a 2km distance, as long as I don’t need to carry something too heavy (like 10 heavy grocery bags — 3 or 4 I can live with.) It’s not always feasible in the wintertime, but I find walking is a great way to clear your head and collect your thoughts.

3-Playing: I don’t have kids but sometimes I borrow a cousins or friends’ kid and play soccer, baseball, etc. Kids have so much energy, it’s impossible to keep up with them and not be tired. Plus it gives the parents or older siblings some time to themselves.

4-Shopping: When I go shopping, I purposely park far away from the entrance that is furthest away from the store I need to go to. Some malls are huge so walking beck and forth within them carrying heavy parcels can be quite a workout!

Author by Martha Edwards