Healthy handful: making the office transistion

I used to work for a busy courier company, and spent my days sorting packages, running around a warehouse and leveraging boxes heavier than I was onto a dolly. On my days off, I trudged through the university campus, laden with bags full of heavy textbooks. Those days are long gone — now I am a full-time writer, spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in an office, only to go home and sit in front of the computer for another few hours to get my freelance projects done. For me, the transition from on my feet all day to on my bum all day was tough. I had to make time to be active where I never had to before. So what do you do to avoid packing on pounds in the office transition? This article has some great tips, and here are some of my own:

1) Take the stairs: I know it’s been said many times before, but hiking up multiple stories is hard work! Your butt will thank you.

2) Have fun: Work doesn’t always have to be serious. Some workmates of mine have implemented a 3:45 pm chair dancing session. It’s fun and it gets us moving

3) Walk to work: I know, this might be impossible for some. I thought so too and frantically tried to find someone to carpool with, but later realized that it’s only a 45 minute walk each way. Totally doable!

4) Lunchtime fitness: I work in the downtown core of my city and tons of places have lunchtime fitness programs. I myself prefer to do my sweating after work so I bring my gym gear or yoga mat with me in the morning so I can head over on my way home from work. If there’s nothing available in your area at lunch, go for a walk! It’s a great way to banish that afternoon sleepiness.

5) Walk to lunch: Pick a restaurant that is a bit of a hike from your office (note: this is only beneficial if you make a healthy choice at lunch)

I’m pretty lucky — my workplace actually has a small workout room that is perfect for yoga or a run on the treadmill. Hopefully most workplaces have or are planning something like this. Healthy employees are a worthy investment if you ask me.

Author by Martha Edwards