Diet by blood type

The word “diet” almost immediately sets a distasteful feeling in my mouth. I LOVE to eat. Yet I fail to realize the word “diet” is nothing more than a word that outlines the food I place into my body, or better, my temple. I’m a pretty healthy eater so I figure as long as I read labels and pay close attention, I’ll do okay.

But then I talked with someone who proclaimed to know everything about the red dyes or corn extract on the packaging of you name it. He’d run marathons, done Iron Man competitions, and during our conversation suggested a diet I wasn’t familiar with: the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet. The basis of this eating plan is that different foods complement different blood types and , if eaten, can aid in weight loss.

Sure, the concept sounds interesting but, ever the skeptic, I need to do more research. Whether I’ll jump on board this one right away or not, I don’t know. But if you’re interested at all, Eat Right 4 Your Type diet — the official website of the Blood Type Diet — is a good starting point to discover what foods may work well with your blood type. Another good section to scope out is the BTD blogosphere, where Type O’s, A’s, B’s and AB’s share their successes and progress with the diet. Best thing is it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to sell a product.

Are there any healthy readers out there who have tried this diet? Any words of wisdom for your type?

Author by Adrienne Wilson