The Glycemic Index Diet

The latest craze in dieting seems to be the Glycemic Index Diet. It teaches a balanced approach to nutrition and meal-planning, and realizing how foods affect your energy level and appetite. The basis of the diet is that by replacing foods rating high on the glycemic index scale with foods that rate lower on the GI scale the dieter can avoid those “crashes” that result in between-meal snacking, and therefore lose weight.

Critics of the Glycemic Index Diet state there is little hard evidence that this approach works for weight loss, and that there is a fair amount of education and time necessary to run the diet correctly. Many also feel it’s just another dieting gimmick.

No one diet plan works for all people, but most plans work for at least some people — even if they are just gimmicks. It’s like anything — you’ll need to do your homework and decide for yourself if this is the plan for you. If you’d like to give it a try more information and customized plans are available through .

Author by Rigel Celeste