Deep-Conditioning Hair

Whatever the color, styling or texture of your hair, it needs nourishment to stay healthy. Children have the healthiest hair, because their bodies produce the proteins and other nutrients almost in the exact amount that the hair needs. However, as a person matures, most nutrients are depleted and thus the hair, like any part of the body, needs its source of nourishment supplemented to keep it in proper shape and luster.


Prolonged periods of under-nourishment, dandruff and harsh treatment are the most common reasons your hair may need deep conditioning. Conditioning is a remedy the hair needs to nurture and maintain its natural health and beauty. Deep conditioning refers to extensive nourishing of the hair by external application, so as to restore it to its natural healthy beauty.


Common signs that your hair needs this deep conditioning is when the hair strands are brittle, dry, unmanageable and easily broken; split ends are easily visible in very damaged hair. If any of these conditions are present, it is time for a deep-conditioning treatment.


It is important to purchase a product that is formulated for your hair type. There are numerous conditioning products available on the market today. Consult with a hair professional to determine your hair type and get a recommendation for the right hair conditioner. Having an expert deep-condition your hair for you is an even better, albeit more expensive, option.


Usually, a deep-conditioning product requires the use of a plastic cap or plastic wrap. A hot towel may also be used in place of plastic cap or wrap. The hair is wrapped for about 10 to 20 minutes after applying the conditioner. If you have a hood dryer like the ones used in beauty salons, you can just sit under it for about 15 minutes with a towel around your shoulders. When using any deep-conditioning product, it is essential to follow carefully the instructions on the label to achieve the best result.


Aside from the conditioning products sold in stores, you can also prepare your own homemade deep conditioner. This type of deep conditioning is far less expensive, very organic and usually safe. The most common and effective ingredients used for home hair conditioning are eggs, mayonnaise and olive oil. One example of a homemade formulation is yogurt, egg yolk and lime zest; another combines egg yolks with honey, almond oil and yogurt. A mixture of egg yolks, olive oil and lukewarm water is another great deep conditioner.