The top 20 diet websites reviewed and compared

We all have diets, don’t we? While the word “diet” has morphed in popular culture to mean a special way of eating to ramp up weight loss, the word actually refers to the standard offering of nutrition every person eats on a daily basis. But, back to the subject — when someone “goes on diet” as it were, what are the most poplar websites that feature dieting advice?

The folks at WebMD compiled a list of the top-20 diet-related website which started with the most popular dieting websites — and there were three websites that scored “Excellent” ratings: Aetna InteliHealth, and

Since the top 20 websites popular with dieters scored all over the map, Consumer Reports — who published the results – said this courtesy of Beau Brendler: “I think clearly there are some good web sites that publish information that will be useful for people trying to lose weight.”

Although the results were very mixed for several very popular diet websites, these three rules that Brendler mentioned re key to anyone wanting to ensure they are receiving the most relevant and truthful content possible in regards to weight loss:

— Look at how well the sites separate advertising from editorial content
— Check the source’s medical or nutritional qualifications
— Read the fine print (for something, I guess — Brendler is not clear here)

Author by Brian White