Coping with Green Poop

Although green poop may seem like some enormous health concern that you are going to be stuck learning to cope with, it’s typically less dangerous than a paper cut. That being said, while it may not be a serious cause for concern in everyone, it’s important to understand that it could be the underlying symptom of something that desperately needs addressed in your life like your diet or how you manage stress levels.

While green poo can be alarming, it is nothing to be ashamed of and you certainly shouldn’t panic over it. Unless it is occurring every day, then you should speak with your medical care provider.

For the most part, green stool is the immediate effect of some type of dietary change, this could include food, drink or supplements.  Some tips as below:

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Diet

If you are plagued with this condition, healthy leafy greens could be to blame. If you have recently changed your diet for the better or simply had a big delicious salad for lunch, this is likely your culprit. Many people will joke about being allergic to healthy food because they end up with green poop. If this sounds like you, allergies are likely the least of your problems.

Understand that green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, green peppers, lettuce and green beans all have an abundance of chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll is made up of magnesium and essentially is what turns plants green. Chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans.

Step 2 – Reduce the Artificial Coloring

You may be surprised at just how many foods that you eat on a daily basis that contain artificial coloring which can cause green poo. Many people think of artificial coloring and automatically vision a blue popsicle or pink frosting on a birthday cake. However, you should know that a vast majority of processed foods that you eat contain artificial colors.

Green poop can be the result of consuming too much cereal, candy, fruit juice, soda, frozen treats and even greens! Reducing these foods is always a good idea but Bowtrol is a simple solution that you can use that will address the problem immediately.

Step 3 – Limit Iron Intake

Many people are confused to hear that iron could be causing their green stool. Doesn’t your body make iron and isn’t it good for you? In a nutshell, yes, iron is made by your body and yes it is good for you but excessive amounts are not doing you any favors.

Eating too much iron is like taking multivitamins all day long because they are good for you. Your body only needs a specific amount, anything after this is not needed, wasted and can actually interfere with digestion because your body has to work extra hard to excrete it. Limiting your intake of beans, enriched cereal, red meat and iron supplements will help with your green poop. Bowtrol can help restore your body’s balance and address it.