The office: the final green frontier

For a lot of us, our workplace is where we sometimes struggle to be that health-conscious, environmentally responsible person we really want to be.

The Green Office is a company that’s designed to promote sustainability in the workplace. All of the products available from The Green Office are labeled and ranked by their green qualities like recycled content, biodegradability, and reduced chemical content. Their product list ranges from from fair trade organic coffee to office furniture made from recycled plastics to green cleaning products.

Some of the product categories are pretty scarce in their selections, but the company promises to be growing and is always looking for new green products to add to their catalog. Most of us aren’t making the supply decisions for our entire company, but it couldn’t hurt to bring some fair-trade-organic coffee to the break room to see if it stirs up any interest. Big changes always start somewhere small!

Author by Brigitte Dale