Cosmetology Grants

There are various grants that are available to individuals who are looking to pursue a career in cosmetology. Cosmetology grants can be awarded by the vocational school or institute that offers the program, the government and private organizations. Some of these grants are based on financial need, and others are awarded based skill, talent and potential in the cosmetology field.


Federally based financial aid, grants and scholarships are given by the government to students who are considered to come from disadvantaged financial circumstances. These awards are need-based, which means that the deciding factor is the income of the student. There are specific accredited cosmetology institutions that participate in the grant and loan programs that the government has available. In order to apply for these awards, the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


The particular institute that a student is looking to attend may also have their own grant and scholarship program. The American Association of Cosmetology is a national organization that awards grants to eligible applicants via corporate sponsorship. The grants that are available tend to be very competitive and may also depend on the specific focus within cosmetology that a student is looking to pursue. The financial need of the student is also taken into account (see Resources below).


Since there are many fields within cosmetology; such as the scientific aspects and chemical makeup of cosmetic products and treatments, it’s worth looking into the major companies that examine and participate in these areas. They may be helpful in finding grants that are research specific.


Grades and pure potential can also get students a free or discounted ride through cosmetology school. Those attending larger technical schools with cosmetology programs can qualify for more awards than those attending more specialized schools. Some cosmetology schools that offer grant programs which fit into this category are: The Model College of Hair Design in Minnesota, Southern Westchester’s Cosmetology Program, Vernon’s Kansas School of Cosmetology and the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. You find additional information about these programs by visiting their sites or going to Cosmetology Grants page (see Resources below).


Cosmetology grants are also awarded from organizations such as The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation, Great Clips and Super Cuts. The Super Cuts program is intended for students that work for Super Cuts. The name of the program is Pay Back the Future; if approved, Super Cuts will pay up to half of the candidates’ monthly payment for a federally guaranteed or approved cosmetology training school.

The ACE Grants are intended to help students train for a career in the cosmetology field. The grants are jointly sponsored by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), the Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF) and the Beauty and Barber Supply Institute (BBSI). More information regarding ACE Grants can be accessed from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools resource given below.