1000 Calorie Workout Plan

Maybe you have been heard the secret of weight loss is just to burn calories. But do you know what kinds of workouts can make you obtain your goal of weight loss? Hope following contents can make you more clear about daily workout program for 1000 calories.

Daily workout routine for burning 1000 calories should proceed by two parts including morning and evening . It’s an ideal way to burn desired fat and can let you have rest time and even have time to make your energy restored. Here is an example. You can select another workout such as ride bike in the evening if you’ve already been swimming in the morning. That is to say select two different workout in the morning and evening separately. It’s a smart method to keep you a fit body and good health condition. Avoiding junk foods and being strict with your diet can make you obtain permanent weight loss. A beautiful appearance shall be come out only in one month.

Workouts for burning 1000 calories

Your body has to reach a proper level of health when doing exercises. You’d better ask for a physician’s suggestion before you start a fitness routine if it’s your first time to do fitness. As a matter of fact that different person will burn different amount of calories according to their level of health, metabolism as well as diet. Hence, to see a physician is helpful for you to learn some important tips of losing weight and especially to know where you should start. Below some exercises will help you burn fat, you can follow them.

Method 1— Keep running

As a kind of cardiovascular exercise, running is more better and effective for weight loss. You can obtain significant weight loss in one month by running. For instance, if you run one mile in 10 minutes, then 100 calories of your body will be burned. Totally you will lose one pound weight if you burn 3500 calories after you run. That is to say if you run more time, you will burn more fat, and finally you will get more chance for losing weight in a short period.

Method 2—Jumping rope

Jumping rope is also an ideal exercise for losing weight. You will reduce 560 calories at least if you keep jumping rope about an hour. In addition, you will feel relaxed but not a big stress when jumping rope. Here mentioned stress is connected with weight increasing. When people feel under pressure, they will be eager to get more food. Therefore, the weight will be increased accordingly. You’d better set fixed 2 hours for jumping rope three days of one week. In addition, if running, jogging, a kind of recreational exercise and other physical activities is adopted together with jumping rope, more fat will be burned.

Method 3– Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle is helpful for burning calories in one’s body, moreover you can enjoy and explore the things around you. When riding, your calf muscles can be improved, as well as your stamina can be well built due to improved strength. For instance, in one hour you ride 12-13.9 miles, 480-560 calories in your body will be burned. Riding bicycle can change your stomach fat into your abdominal muscles. Additionally, burning off more can help you lose weight fleetly , then choose a long distance riding.

Method 4–Swimming

Compared with other exercises, main swimming advantage is that all parts of your body can lose weight. Except that your stamina and endurance can be improved, your heart rate also can be improved by swimming. 900 calories in your body can be burned if swimming 1 mile in 30 min. So a long hour swimming will let you lose excessive pounds at a fast speed and will really bring you a surprise.

Method 5–Play various sports

As a good way of exercises, soccer, basketball, badminton and other sports really can let your body burn off fat and keep fitness. So playing various sports are your good choice for losing weight. You will burn 560 calories in your body when playing any one of sports within an hour. Those sports are helpful for decreasing stress and keeping mind clear. More intense activity of body means more calories are burned.

Method 6– Interval Training

Calories are burned to the top, interval training will help body with promoting metabolism. 500-800 calories will be burned if interval training for one hour. Through interval training, lean muscle can be built and then you will get a lean body and fitness. But if you want an interval training, you should follow a specialist trainer’s advice to begin and get to know how to do exercises during intervals.

Recommended 1000 Calorie Workout Plan for burning your fat

1. Workout plan on the first day

When you start your 1000 calorie workout plan on the first day, you can walk, run or jog. Generally speaking, walking will burn less than running. A long distance walking also can make you burn more. However it’s impossible to run if you are over weight too much. In addition, another good and effective way to lose weight is jogging. Jogging also can help you with burning calories. According to a research mentioned, if a person who weigh 154 pounds jog 5 meters per second, then 590 calories in his body can be burned in one hour. That is to say, if your weight is 154 pounds, if you want to consume 1000 calories, you should jog 102 min and keep speed at 5 meters per second.

2. Workout plan on the second day

You can choose riding bicycle on the second day, which is also a better method to burn calories. Riding bicycle not only can keep fitness, but also can burn fat of stomach. For a person whose weight is 154 pounds ride bicycle, 290 calories will be burned if he rides at 10 miles per hour speed in one hour. That is to say, if your weight is 154 pounds, if you want to consume 1000 calories, you should ride bicycle about 102 min. and keep speed at 10 miles per hour.

3. Workout plan on the third day

Go swimming is a workout plan for the third day, because swimming can make all muscles of your body working so that keep your fitness. For a person whose weight is 154 pounds, 510 calories will be burned by slow free swimming in a pool in one hour . If you want to consume 100 calories, you should swim about 188 min.

4. Workout plan on the fourth day

You can do exercises with combining riding bicycle, jogging and swimming on the fourth day plan. In accordance with above mentioned data of burning fat, for a person whose weight is 154 pounds, he can burn 245 calories by jogging at 5 mph speed in half hour and then burn 145 calories by riding bicycle at 10 mph speed in half hour, and at last burn 510 calories by swimming in an hour. You can see 1000 calories are burned after 2 hours exercises.

5. Workout plan on the fifth day

You can try and join some aerobics classes on the fifth day. Or you can select a kind of recreational sports including table tennis, football or basketball etc. Whether or not 1000 calories in your body can be burned is decided by your weight and intensity of workout. For instance, A person weighing 154 pounds will make 480 calories burned after an aerobic activity in one hour, but make 440 calories burned in one hour if he plays basketball.

In subsequent days, you can do above mentioned activities repeatedly. However, you should have a day rest every week due to body’s necessary recovery and not to make your body burned out.

Please watch video for burning 1000 calorie workout, and learn further about consuming calories and losing weight.


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