3 Steps to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Maybe you think it’s impossible to lose 20 pounds within one month only through 3 steps. However it’s really possible to be realized if with the correct ways, that are familiar with your body, doing exercise in your daily life and meanwhile find better ways to consume calories without ruining your health.

It will be very dangerous if losing weight rapidly. However in one month to lose 20 pounds will be good for improving someone’s health, for whose body is serious overweight and already body’s fat is excessive. If you fancy your lifestyle will be made changes after getting to your desired weight, then you will be encouraged to start a successful plan of weight loss.

How to lose 20 pounds in one month through 3 Steps?

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, it means you need lose 0.66 pounds every day. Thinking from this side, reducing a small amount calories seems more easier than conquering 20 pounds if by diet and doing exercises.

1. Preparation of losing pounds.

To understand BMR. BMR is called basic metabolic rate which means the speed of your energy burning. You can be informed the amount calories you burn by a calculator of BMR, referred to http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/. When you get known this number, you may decide which kind of exercises will be best for helping your fat to burn in the fastest way.

To Determine the goals of burning calories. If you want know how many calories you must burn out so that you can lose 20 pounds within 30 days, you have to consider your activities amount per day. The result is determined by this activity rate multiply your BMR. For example, if someone’s BMR is 3000, they do exercise at least 3 days every week, they must reduce 1000 calories from their present intake every day in order to lose twenty pounds. You can calculate the caloric intake you require according to below list.

BMR X 1.2 if you have limited or don’t have physical activity
BMR X 1.375 if you have light exercise at least 3 days every week
BMR X 1.55 if you have moderate exercise from 3 – 5 days every week
BMR X 1.725 if you have heavy exercise at least 6-7 days every week
BMR X 1.9 if you have very heavy exercise (workouts intensely very day)

2. Reduce calories

To reduce calories when you prepare foods. There are some tricks when preparing foods. Do not eat deep fried foods. Remove poultry skin and meat fat before cooking them. Do not eat bread crumbs and other supplements with high calories. Try to steam as possible as. Those actions will be meaningful for your calorie intake daily.

To add some foods of burning fat. During period of your weight loss, you must make yourself alive. Then you can select some foods that can burn your fat. Such as spices, green tea, olive oil, ginger, apples, garlic, seafood which should be eaten at least 3 times every week, soy-based foods as well as dairy products with low fat, those are helpful for burning fat and will be good choices.

To eat more foods with high protein and fiber. Compared with white carbohydrates, saturated fat and sugar, foods with high fiber and protein are more healthier and most effective for promoting weight loss. Because of the fact that the fiber can help you clean toxins in body and develop metabolism fast, and protein can keep you feel satiety so that you will not feel hungry while diet.

To drink abundant water. Water takes important role during period of weight loss. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day due to the fact that water is able to stop dehydration and meanwhile make you feel satiety , in addition, it can speed up your metabolism as to make fat burned more .

3. To set goals of realistic exercises

To focus on training of cardio. Since fast weight loss is your goal, you are desired to burn calories as more as possible when doing exercises. You should take more attention on training of cardio which can improve heart rate and promote metabolism rapidly. The cardio trainings include strength training on machines in short time and cardio activities for longer periods.

To do interval training. Your intensity is allowed to increased in short bursts if doing interval training and replace to give all intensity in 30 minutes. If there is a walk around 30 minutes in your exercise plan, during this period including 3- 6 times sprints for 20 seconds, if you like a fixed bike exercise, you can ride about twenty five minutes and including a few intervals of more fast pedalling in order to burn your calories.