Zico coconut water will make you forget sports drinks

Do you really know what is in that sports drink you have after a workout or training session? Check out the ingredients, then be prepared to most likely toss your sports drink out the window. I’m talking Gatorade-style kick-flip into the trash can if you ask me. So many sports drinks these days are filled with so much processed sugar (disguised in so many clever ways) that they might just pack more stored fat instead of truly hydrating the body.

Make no mistake — the colorful, flashy packaging and advertisements are everywhere. But, in a rabid habit I have had for years, I thoroughly check the ingredients and “Nutrition Info” panel of everything I buy, save fresh fruits and vegetables. After looking for a very healthy sports drink alternative recently, I was turned onto Zico pure coconut water. Once I started researching this product, and finding reviews by trusted sources, I had to try it for myself. What a product! That’s Fit’s own Karen Walrond posted on Zico a few months ago, and after reading Karen’s great description from her home in Trinidad (talk about getting fresh coconuts anytime!), I decided to try her advice combined with others who I trust that had reviewed the new Zico product on various web review sites.

I’ve drank coconut water before, and loved it. The taste will most likely be an acquired one, as this is no artificially-colored, sugared “sports” drink, although the levels of electrolytes make it one of the best drinks for athletic or outdoor activity I’ve seen. So, what did I do? I had to tastes all the varieties and try to find a favorite, so I ordered a variety pack as twelve 11-ounce rectangularly-packaged “boxes”.

After receiving the case recently, I’m officially a fan and wanted to let That’s Fit readers know about a fantastic sports drink alternative — and what could be better than fresh-tasting coconut water, right? The Zico product is quite a bit more expensive that national sports drink brands, but one look at the ingredients — and then, the taste — and you know it’s all worth it. The Mango and Passion Fruit/Orange Peel flavors are my faves.

Author by Brian White