Drink more water, lose more weight

What’s the secret to losing weight and consistently keeping it off? How about drinking lots of water? Although there is a laundry list of diet techniques that spring up every single day, the long-term success of changing lifestyles compared to temporarily changing diets are in two different universes if you ask me — I know since I’ve been in both universes before.

New research shows that dieters (not lifestyle changers, sigh) stand to lose up to an extra five pounds per year by replacing sugary drinks with plain water. From personal experience, I started losing weight years ago once I dumped soft drinks for good, no matter how good they tasted or how they made me feel.

The fact is that I was tired of the yo-yo weight effect and wanted to find a start to a permanent lifestyle change. Out went 30+ years of soft drink memories and in came the daily 60 ounces of cold water per day. After seeing results within a few months, I stayed off soft drinks permanently and have not been back. Guess what? I don’t miss them at all — although it took years to get there. What about you — have you tried to get off soft drinks, and why/why not did it work long-term for you?

Author by Brian White