Who is the most likely to consider plastic surgery?

A global survey done recently by AC Nielsen revealed that as many as one in five people say they would consider having plastic surgery. The poll was conducted over the internet and surveyed 22,780 participants in 41 countries. Which country came out as the most receptive to going under the knife? Russia, with nearly half of respondents saying they would consider it when they get older. Second and third place go to Greece and the Baltic.

On the other end of the spectrum over 90% of Japanese, Malaysian, and Indonesian people said they would not be interested in improving their physical appearance with surgery. Overall, teenagers were more receptive to the idea — although not until they were “older.” And the older respondents were generally the least interested.

Personally, I think I’ll just deal with what I’ve been given and not try to force any changes — I would be especially scared of having some horrible complication and ending up worse off than before!

Author by Rigel Celeste