3 Ways to Use Home Remedies for Colon Elimination

1. High-Fiber Foods Can Promote Colon Elimination

Eating fresh foods that are high in fiber and water can facilitate colon elimination. Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and helps food to pass through without difficulty. To cleanse your colon and flush your body of toxins without using medication, increase the amount of fiber you eat, though be prepared for some gas if you increase the fiber too quickly. Choose whole grain cereals, breads and rice, and avoid products made with refined white flour. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially beans and lentils. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated during the cleansing.

2. Cleanse With Enemas

Use an occasional enema for colon elimination if you are constipated, or want to detoxify your system. Use this treatment sparingly or it may compromise your body’s ability to produce a natural bowel movement. Buy a home enema kit at your local pharmacy and follow the directions carefully. Most kits include a saline laxative that empty your bowels before you start the enema. A warm water enema may be helpful when you are severely constipated. Some people use diluted coffee as their enema solution to stimulate bile production and flush away toxins.

3. Use Herbal Remedies

The herbs Indian gooseberry, psyllium husk and slippery elm may stimulate the production of bowel movements. Many natural foods stores sell “bowel cleansing” formulas to restore regularity and detoxify your body. Before taking any type of herb, ask your doctor to make sure it is safe. Some herbal remedies can interact with certain medications and some should not be taken by pregnant women.

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