Website helps diners choose healthy restaurants

I’ve often wondered how many calories might be in my favorite hand-rolled cal-zone at the neighborhood pub. But then, I’ve chased the thought away with the rationale that when I’m at a pub and enjoying hot melted cheese and tomato sauce and fresh-baked dough, the last thing I want to be worried about is calories.

But sometimes, calories are not as obvious as they might be in pizza or fried food. And sometimes, people do want to know exactly what they’re eating.

That’s the reasoning behind the building of a website by the National Restaurant Association. They are building a site that will provide a huge list of healthy meals and restaurants across the United States where they can be found.

The web site is a “happy medium” — a way to “discreetly court dieters willing to do research without offending others who may not want to be confronted with shockingly high calorie counts.” Users of the site can type in their town or ZIP and search for restaurants by type or price. A formal launch with upwards of 10,000 listings is scheduled for the winter.

I think it’s a great idea, and hopefully will provide choices for dieters who think that they can never eat anything but lettuce in restaurants.

Author by Kristin Scott