How Much Does it Cost to Get a Cat Spayed?

Veterinary surgeries are not cheap. Cat spay surgeries typically cost from $100 to $200. However, there are options available for cat owners who cannot afford the full cost.


How much a cat spay will cost depends much on the type of clinic you go to. Many nonprofit clinics offer lower-cost spays and neuters to people who meet income guidelines.

You can also get spay-neuter vouchers from Spay USA (this is different from Spay Day USA) which will help lower your costs. You will be directed to the veterinarian closest to you who participates in the in the program. How much of a discount you will get depends on the vet clinic.

One day each year, usually in late February, many clinics and shelters across the nation participate in Spay Day USA. On that day–or that week, depending on the clinic-you can have your pet spayed or neutered at a discount or, in some cases, for no cost.


Cat spay surgery is expensive because it is major surgery. The cost of anesthesia, sutures, surgical instruments and staff wages all contribute to the price. Spay surgeries are more expensive than male cat castration surgeries because the time, effort, and materials involved are less for castration.

The vet shaves the cat’s belly and makes a small incision on her abdomen. The vet carefully removes the ovaries and entire uterus and then closes the incision.
Cats are sore and tired after spay surgery, but within just a few days will usually be back to a normal routine. The incision takes a few weeks to heal fully, and during that time cat owners should watch for pus, redness, fever or other signs of infection.


Like any surgery, spay surgery does have risks. The biggest risks are infection or a bad reaction to the anesthesia.

Unspayed cats and dogs are at risk for pyometra, a serious infection in the uterus. Cats with pyometra must have emergency surgery. If the infected uterus is not removed, eventually the pet goes into shock and dies.


If you want to have your pet neutered or spayed on Spay Day, you should register at a participating clinic long in advance. Clinics have only a set number they can do in one day, and you must make the appointment in advance.

Most vets require payment at the time of service; however, some do allow clients to pay in installments.


Spayed cats have no risk of pyometra, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. They also have reduced risk for breast cancer. In addition, spaying your cat will spare you from the terrible noise in-heat females make.