Vitamins and supplements are a waste of money, expert says

It’s always been a surprise to me to see such a huge price disparity between many popular vitamins and minerals. From bottom-level grocery stores to high-end nutritional supplement stores, the prices for vitamins like Vitamin C and Folic Acid are all over the map. Naturally, the quality and efficacy of vitamins is all over the map as well.

But Jane Clarke, Britain’s leading nutritionist (not sure how that title was determined), says vitamins and supplements are a waste of money for most of us, which strikes at the very heart of even the high-end nutritional supplement industry — with many manufacturers having clinical evidence and double-blind studies that show many vitamins and minerals — when combined in a synergistic fashion in the correct proportions are are of high quality — are very good for many of us.

So — who to believe? Mounds of medical evidence or Britain’s leading nutritionist? After reading some of Clarke’s suggestions, I disagree with many of them from the onset — like the supposition that milk is a good source of calcium.

Calcium is much better delivered into a human’s digestive system outside of cow’s milk, which has many negative nutritional aspects from research I’ve done — and I don’t drink cow’s milk at all myself. Clarke does make some good points, but without detailed medical backup sources and studies, I’m not sure how much stock I would put into her recommendations.

Author by Brian White