There’s wellness in the waterworks

I know this may seem like a strange topic but I’ve been thinking lately about the benefits of crying. As an emotional, Type-A person, I cry about twice a month. Nothing dramatic or depressing; just a good old-fashioned cry. It’s the perfect release valve on my pressure-cooker life, enabling me to take a moment to check in, clear my head and craft a new game plan.

It’s pretty obvious that crying helps us relieve overwhelming emotions when we can’t verbalize our feelings. But did you know there’s a difference between emotional tears and chemical tears, like when you cut onions? Emotional crying actually serves a physiological purpose that chemical tears can’t, like flushing out toxins and bringing on an increased feeling of well-being. I learned this — and much more — when I landed on the Brigham and Women’s Hospital website.

Crying can be the result of a problem but it rarely should be considered the problem itself. Crying serves a purpose. It can be curative, healing and natural. So the next time you feel the waterworks coming on, don’t be embarrassed or try to stifle your feelings. Grab the tissues and go with it. You’re doing your soul — and body — good.

Author by Kristi Anderson