Deco Opaque Paint Markers

Deco opaque paint markers are unique in the way they cover and the surfaces they can be used on–surfaces that other markers can’t adhere to. Their base makeup is different from other markers and makes their pigment stronger and weatherproof. While they are for adult use, they are brilliant, unique markers that are great for crafts, home, shop and office use.


  • Deco opaque markers are great for use on glass, metal, wood and leather. You can also use them to paint on porcelain, clay and stone. These markers come with fine, extra fine, broad point and calligraphy styled tips. They are offered in a variety of colors including gold, silver and glitter paint.


  • Hobbyists and shop owners may use these markers for projects, but the markers are also great for graphic artists. Acid-free and nontoxic, Deco opaque paint markers are light-fast and lead-free and contain oil-based pigmented ink for easy color application. They’re great for large or small projects, and since they are spill-proof, they are easier to work with than regular paint and brushes.


  • A word of caution: these markers contain xylene and are not recommended for use by children. Keep them out of their reach. They are also not recommended for use on certain plastics, fabrics, metals, finished wood or some papers. It is always best to test for suitability and chemical reactions before use on a specific surface.


  • If a mistake occurs once the paint has been applied, you can remove the color using ordinary turpentine. If you want to overlap or blend colors, you can easily do that using turpentine, too.


  • When you want colored glitter, these markers are perfect. They come in the following glitter colors: red, green, blue, magenta, violet, purple and yellow and are recommended for use on wood, metal, stone and paper. There are many uses for the calligraphy sliver and gold markers, and you can use them on paper, glass, porcelain, wood, metal and mirrors. With all the surfaces listed for use, there is unlimited potential for these markers.