4 Ways to Improve Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can be very important for you as being an employee, since over 30 percent of time in each day you spends is doing your job. There are many ways to improve job satisfaction and you can take a look at the following 4 ways in this article:

1. Create Good Job Descriptions

You need to provide good job descriptions for each position in the company to improve job satisfaction. Job descriptions spell out the specific job duties for employees, as well as expectations, the skills/abilities required and the names of the position and the supervisors. It might also include details on an evaluation system for promotions. Your employees will enjoy their jobs more when they know they are successfully meeting the demands of the position.

2. Establish Regular Evaluations

At the minimum, you should provide yearly evaluations of each employee’s performance. Train each supervisor to consider each employee’s work as compared to the job description provided for the position. The supervisor meets with the employee to share how well the employee measured up to the expectations in the job description and points out areas of strength and weakness. Employees meeting or exceeding expectations are rewarded with a raise commensurate to the performance, and employees failing to meet expectations are encouraged to improve.

3. Raise Skill Levels

You should plan ahead to raise the skill levels of employees through training. You can send employees to seminars, pay for continuing education and create coaches for employees. Employees feel more important and appreciated when given the opportunity to learn new skills. To determine what training is needed, conduct a gap analysis. A gap analysis assesses the current skill level of the employee and compares it to the desired skill level. The gap indicates what training is needed to boost performance.

4. Help Employees Reach Personal Career Goals

Find the time to talk with employees about their personal career goals. Differentiate between people who want to work the same job for years to come and others who want to move up the corporate ladder. When employees feel stuck in a certain position, job satisfaction will suffer. Offering growth opportunities will help employees reach their personal goals and prove their ability to take on new roles.

About this Author

James Kitchens has over 15 years of experience counseling individuals and families struggling with relationships, money management, personal well-being, career choice and other life issues through seminars and one-on-one consulting. In addition to his work as a freelance writer, Kitchens is an ordained minister and co-founder of Clear Vision Ministries.