Sylvester Stallone taps Mount Rainier water for sales

If you’ve ever motivated yourself to get through a long run by imitating Rocky Balboa’s famous running-up-the-steps scene and then reaching for your water bottle to guzzle, then the marketers of Glacia Nova bottled water are betting on you. The Seattle-based company is partnering with Sylvester Stallone to market Sly Pure Glacial Water, produced from Washington State’s 10,000-year-old Mount Rainier’s Carbon Glacier.

What sold Stallone was glacial water’s superior qualities — there is no chemical purification, no distillation, no ionization, and no reverse osmosis needed. It’s just pure 10,000-year-old melted glacial ice in a bottle. Of course, I chuckled a little when I read their tag line: “After 10,000 years … finally a water you can believe in.” Thank goodness, because — you know — I’ve been so untrusting of water before this.

Stallone isn’t the only celebrity to put his name on a beverage product. Donald Trump launched Trump Ice bottled water last year, and actor Steven Seagal recently created Lightning Bolt Energy Drink. The push for such affiliations underscores the prime importance of marketing in the dynamic bottled water market. (Rocky fans may recall that Sly — in altered form — first promoted another bottled drink about a decade ago, with this famous Lipton Iced Tea spot.)

At least it’s just water. It could have been worse, like raw egg yolks.

Author by Kristi Anderson