Some of the latest fitness ideas

Everybody needs new ideas now and then for either getting in shape or staying in shape. Even the fittest and healthiest people need to switch up their routines now and then, to avoid boredom and re-energize their motivation levels. Here are some ideas for trying something new, from old “tried and trues” to the latest in DVD home workouts:

  • Dance! Research has shown that moving your body to music, or dancing, makes the time go by faster and can be great exercise. Need some specific direction? The Samba is a fun and upbeat option, either through lessons or an at home DVD in your living room.
  • Jumping rope burns as much as 400 calories for every 30 minutes! And if you want to go at an easier pace, especially if you’re just getting started, you can still burn 200 calories in 20 minutes by jumping a little slower. Not to mention it does a great job at toning and shaping your legs and midsection.
  • Get in shape for a special occasion with a specially designed DVD called Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout DVD. Even though the title says it’s for weddings, apparently it’s great for any special occasion — like a vacation or family reunion.

Author by Rigel Celeste