Drafty Windows

Without proper insulation, your home can lose nearly half of its heating and cooling to the outdoors. Insulation is not limited to the attic and walls, but is a vital asset to the windows, as well.

Drafty windows account for most of the energy loss from your home as heating from a furnace and cooling of the air conditioner quietly seep through thin-pane glass.


Drafty windows occur when older single-pane windows become unsealed and detached from the frame. Because of air leaks caused by drafty windows, your heating and cooling bills may be drastically elevated.


Drafty windows are usually in older homes. Windows that have been incorrectly installed will eventually become drafty. Drafty windows may feature broken weather-stripping seals, a warped window frame, or lack of caulking around the window.


Your home will be inefficiently heated or cooled as long as you have drafty windows. While energy is seeping through the windows, your air conditioning unit or furnace will work overtime in an attempt to regulate the temperature of your home.


If new energy-efficient window replacements are not feasible for your home, there are other ways for you to repair your windows. Consider replacing all weather-stripping seals. Weather stripping is inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware store. Administer beads of silicone caulking around the window. By doing so, you provide a barrier protecting your home’s interior from extreme temperatures of the outdoors.
Another effective method is to consider stapling clear plastic to the outside of the window. Although not attractive to look at, this method is very effective when battling energy inefficiency.


It is a common misconception to believe that an adequately insulated house would not have drafty windows. No matter how well-insulated the house may be, leaky windows still prevent the home from holding a properly regulated temperature.