Some Americans know junk food is bad, but eat it nonetheless

It’s an odd feeling to know that some actions you may take may lead to bodily harm — but you continue doing them anyway. Adrenaline junkies and junk food eaters are two groups that fall into this category — both seek out excitement (physical or edible) in order to have a “high” of sorts — even as the activities that get them there can be indirectly or directly harmful.

Why do junk food addicts continue to eat bad and nutritionally-deplete foods while knowing that harm is most likely a result? The answer may come down to the convenience alone of standard junk and processed foods, which is incredibly enticing in this day and age of everyone not having enough time to set aside for family, friend and work commitments.

But, the time you save may have direct negative impacts on health. That’s time I would rather spend in a healthy-habit way, but that’s my opinion — millions of American citizens apparently don’t agree with me on this one. Do you?

Author by Brian White