Data Entry Positions at Home

Finding ways to make extra money online is possible. If you have a computer, a relatively fast typing speed, and pay close attention to accuracy, employers are looking to have you help them with data entry. The pay for these data entry positions at home vary, as do the length of the assignment.


Finding opportunities to work at home can be a real challenge. By offering to transfer data into spreadsheets, word processing programs, databases, or even websites, you can earn extra money. Work at home data entry jobs are great opportunity for stay at home parents, individuals that are temporarily unemployed, freelance writers, or others that have high typing speeds and wish to make a few extra dollars.


Data entry positions at home vary in style. There are some companies that will hire employees to work at home and do the data entry. While other companies maintain a large list of contacts and then offer the data entry position to members of their mailing list when work becomes available. A third option for finding data positions at home is to visit websites such as the Jobvertise website where employers off data entry positions at home that are up for bid by interested individuals.


Data entry positions at home quite often have several requirements that must be followed to be paid. The writer must clarify any questions or concerns they have before starting the project. The project will have a deadline that must be met. The data entry must be accurate, if there are typos in the data entry, the employer will reject the work for payment. Most employers will inform the writer of the acceptable error percentage for an assignment, if any errors are permitted at all.


Make sure to inquire of the employer posting the data entry position about payment. Some will pay immediately via an online service such as Paypal. Others will pay immediately via check after the job is completed and accepted by the employer. Other employers though will only pay once per month, 60 days after the assignment is submitted, or even just once per quarter. Clarifying this ahead of time before accepting a job is essential so you can plan accordingly.


There have always been scams that advertise as home data entry positions. There are several warning signs that a data entry position at home may be a scam. These include extremely long wait times for payment, the employer requiring you to pay a fee to receive assignments, or the employer’s contact information changing frequently.