Raw food diet full of flavor

After having tried a raw food and vegan lifestyle for a while, I can say that the transition was not an easy one, but I can see the future where this kind of eating lifestyle becomes permanent. I’m already vegan but not-so-much a raw foods person — yet. It’s a tough move to transition to eating vegetables and healthy nuts and plants in raw form. My palette, and maybe yours too, is not used to raw food tastes.

Rather, I am (and most American consumers are) used to chemical enhancers, fake flavor enhancers and other things that make foods taste good, when the underlying food probably tastes like junk if it were not for these taste enhancers. Things like yeast extract and MSG are dangerous chemicals that just make foods taste sharp, but they mask dead foods really. What is one to do?

I’ve become a fan of Juvo raw food packets as well as the many different raw foods offered at www.rawfood.com. If you’ve never eaten cacao — raw chocolate — you’re losing out. This is raw chocolate without fatty milk and other ingredients that are detrimental for health. Try some, and then if you still think that raw foods have no taste, I’ll find something else to convince you.

How about getting a Vitamix and making a vegan vegetable and fruit smoothie for breakfast each morning? If you’ve never crunched up celery, mangoes, spinach, bananas and spirulina into a smoothie before (all organic if you can), you don’t know what you’re missing. This is possibly the best breakfast you can have in my opinion. There are some whole-grain choices that are just as good. I waited much too long for all this but I’m making up for it now.

How about you? If you subscribe to a raw food diet, what foods and flavors help you stick to it?

Author by Brian White