Smoking decline has hit a plateau, says CDC

With all the anti-smoking advertisements and other forms of marketing still going strong today, one would think a dent in the smoking population would have been made. Well, it has — but now it’s stalled, in the adult smoking population, that is.

With Kentucky being the smokiest state, almost 21% of U.S. adults — to the tune of 45 million men and women — engaged in smoking cigarettes in 2005, which was startlingly the same percentage as in 2004. In other words, no measurable gains were had in 2005 in terms of curbing smoking among U.S. adults.

Overall, there has been a decline in the smoking population for eight straight years, but signs of a slowdown are now emerging since 2005 was flat from 2004. What will 2006 bring? I hope at least a single percentage drop occurs — but hopefully, much more.

Author by Brian White