Hair Care Tips for Men

Clean, well-kept hair can make a favorable first impression on people. Making sure your hair is taken care of is an essential part of personal hygiene.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Paying attention to your hair care routine is essential for a healthy set of locks. Be aware of what type of hair you have and select a shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your type. Whether it’s oily, fine, dry and brittle, or thick and gnarly, your hair will benefit from a shampoo that is designed for your type hair. Depending on your hair, you might consider not shampooing every day. Men with especially oily hair might need to, but for those with fine, dry hair, shampooing every day might strip away some of the essential oils your hair needs to stay healthy. Condition your hair regularly. Conditioning replaces and replenishes the vitamins and minerals your hair needs.

Avoid Excessive Coloring

According to the American Chemical Society, coloring agents often contain many chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia that can strip your hair of the essential properties that make it shine. Too much coloring can leave your hair looking frizzy and brittle. If you color your hair, look for naturally based hair dye containing ingredients such as henna, a natural dye.

Trim Regularly

Split ends can seem like a concern only for women, but men can suffer the consequences of infrequent trimming as well. Split ends don’t just look bad, they are bad for your hair as well. Regular trimming can help control split ends as well as help your hair stay shiny and healthy.

Drink Water

According to an article in Illumin, which is affiliated with the University of Southern California, 30 percent of our hair is made up of water, so staying hydrated can have a tremendous affect on your hair. Hair relies on water for growth and health. Drinking water can help give a natural sheen to your hair and provide it with the minerals it needs to stay healthy.