Areas That Can Have Permanent Hair Removal

For those who have grown tired of the endless routine of shaving, waxing or plucking to get rid of unwanted body hair, permanent hair removal is an attractive option. Many potential clients wonder whether laser hair removal is available for the body areas they want treated. Fortunately, the inside of the nose and ears are typically the only body areas where permanent hair removal techniques cannot be applied.

Bikini Area

You may be shy about asking whether this sensitive area is eligible for permanent hair removal, but it is a common treatment area. As with any laser hair removal procedure, don’t wax or pluck the area for at least a month before treatment. It is fine to shave, trim, bleach or use a depilatory cream.

Chest and Back

More and more men are using permanent hair removal techniques to remove unwanted hair from the chest and back since waxing can be very painful and expensive. These larger body areas will cost more to treat initially, but over time the procedure could end up saving you time and expense.


Nearly every woman is subject to the seemingly endless routine of trying to keep her legs smooth and hair-free. This is another large area of the body that responds very well to permanent hair removal. You will have better results if the hair on your legs is darker and your skin relatively fair. If you are darker-skinned, you may need more treatment sessions to remove all the hair.


The underarms are another commonly treated area for hair removal. The skin here can be sensitive, so use cool compresses and moisturizing cream to help minimize the feeling of discomfort, much like treating sunburn.

Facial Areas

Probably the most common area treated by laser hair removal is the face. Many people are plagued with unwanted and embarrassing hair on the face, chin and neck or between the eyebrows. These are very popular areas to treat, probably because the procedures are the least costly and most effective to perform.