Bug Zappers

Bug zappers were invented to control the bug population in and around your home. Once you purchase and install the insect control system of your choosing you will notice a substantial drop in the pests around your house. There are many kinds of bug zappers available to fit your needs.


Bug zappers were designed to lure and kill insects in your yard and home. You can install one by hanging it from a tree or a fence in an area that you do not frequently spend time. They use a light to lure the insects to the electronic insect control system. The bugs are drawn by the ultraviolet light and fly into the space between the light and the wire sides creating a complete circuit. Then the bug zapper uses an electrical charge to kill them.


Choosing a type of bug zapper will depend on what area you want to use it in. There are several kinds available on the market including Stinger, Nosquito, and Flowtron. You can purchase indoor or outdoor bug zappers. For use indoors you can buy the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap. If killing bugs outside is your primary goal use the Flowtron Bug Killer. The Amazing Hand Held Bug Zapper can be used either outside or inside.


The Stinger Indoor Insect Trap uses a light to attract the flying insects in your home. They are then sucked into a storage compartment by a fan where they cannot escape. You can then take the compartment outside and empty it to let the bugs go. The Flowtron Bug Killer can be hung outdoors and kills the bugs with an electrical charge. It needs no assembly just plug it in and the system is ready. The Amazing Hand Held Bug Zapper is shaped like a tennis racket and gives you the ability to turn it on and swat the bugs wherever you are at.

Time Frame

Most bug zappers start working the moment you turn them on. The Hand-Held Bug Zapper kills bugs on contact so you won’t have to wait for them to be lured to a light. The outdoor bug zappers can often kill around 10,000 bugs per night. Indoor bug traps will take a variable amount of time to catch bugs depending on their location. Placing the trap close to an area that is often frequented by gnats or flies will increase its efficiency.


Having a bug zapper in or around your home will greatly lesson the amount of flying bugs that you will have to deal with. Once your zapper is installed you can plan your outdoor fun with out having to focus as much on bug repellents. Most homes deal with either gnat or fly problems during certain times of the year. If you are using an indoor bug trap you will be given the freedom to throw your fly swatter away.