About Online Writing Jobs

By Katy Lindamood

Online writing jobs come in all shapes and sizes. From Web content to articles that appear in magazines to blogging for money, there is something for everyone, and while navigating the options can be time-consuming, the rewards make choosing a career in online writing worthwhile.


There are many benefits of online writing. Depending on your background and writing style, you may be able to work for numerous companies at one time or you may choose to focus your effort on one niche topic. Those who choose careers in online writing often work from home, and the only tools they need are a reliable Internet connection and a computer. Online writers generally work in a freelance capacity as independent contractors. They can choose who they work for and the amount of work they wish to complete. Online writing jobs are popular among mothers with young children though anyone can work in the field. Many choose online writing gigs as a way to supplement income, while a majority work full time as online writers.


There are several options for those who choose online writing as a profession. Popular options include bloggers, Web content writers and article writers for print magazines and journals. Bloggers keep online journals, and many bloggers run several of these journals where they discuss any interest they desire. Some blogs are career or news based while others are based on personal experience and day-to-day life. Most bloggers earn money through advertising programs such as Google’s Adsense program. Web content writers are generally contracted by third parties who need someone to write content for their sites. Most Web content writers are focused on search engine optimization (SEO), which is used to generate more traffic to a Web page. Another group of writers are contracted to write articles for magazines. In some cases the articles will appear in the Web-based version of the magazine, while others appear in the print version. The final type of online writer is the independent writer who wishes to write on any topic. Writers submit their topics to sites like Associated Content where it is reviewed. If the article is deemed worth publishing, they are paid by the company.


Online writing jobs are as varied as the people who do the writing. There are hundreds of websites that hire writers to complete work for them. Many of those who work in the online writing field write for these companies because they provide guidelines or only write one type of article or content. Online writing jobs such as these often provide a jumping off point and valuable experience needed before moving on to higher paying private clients. Private clients are those individuals who contract online writers to complete various tasks for them. Private clients generally advertise work on bidding sites such as Rent A Coder, Elance or Get A Freelancer. Rather than being paid a certain amount by the company they are working for those who use bidding sites must bid against other online writers in order to secure a job. Depending on the private client services can be provided for a small project, but in many cases long-term paying jobs are secured through this means.


On any day there are thousands of writing jobs available for those who choose a career in online writing. The growth potential is unlimited and, depending on your dedication, you can choose to make as much as you like via online writing jobs. Some choose to work only a few hours a week, while others treat an online writing job like a full-time position. Many of the most successful online writers put in more hours each week than they would at a traditional job.


Not all individuals are cut out for online writing jobs. In order to be successful, an online writer must be able to present ideas in a manner that is easily understandable by all readers. It usually takes an inexperienced writer a few months to find their writing style and get into a routine. While many believe they will make money quickly, it may take several months and a few rejections before landing a long-term client. The key to success is not giving up and constantly improving on the quality of your work.