Save trips to the outdoor compost bin

Here’s a quick tip on composting kitchen scraps.

We have a nice big compost bin in our yard. In the summer it cooks our vegetable and fruit scraps into beautiful, black dirt. We love it. We’ve used this nutrient-rich dirt to plant trees, flowers and also to spread across our lawn as fertilizer.

The only trouble was the hassle of taking our scraps out to the bin every single meal time. I hated having to truck outside two or three times a day, especially in the cold weather and snow.

Luckily, my wife came up with a great solution. We just set up an empty half-gallon ice cream container on the kitchen counter. As you can see in the photo above, we lined it with a plastic bag. Then whenever I cook, I throw the scraps into the convenient bucket. When it gets full (about every 2 days) I take it out to the compost bin. Much easier! Sometimes the simple things mean most.

Follow the link for some good compost tumblers (the outdoors model).

Author by Daryl Kulak