Is the protein in hummus good enough?

We love hummus. Even the littlest McDuffee, not even two, has been slurping down hummus well before his first birthday. Just plain hummus is fine with us, but we also love to blend in things like spinach and broccoli for added nutrition.

We do eat meat, so I wasn’t necessarily concerned about a lack of protein, but I always did wonder if hummus alone was enough. On the days I would just have hummus and veggies for lunch, for instance, was I getting enough protein?

WebMD says that hummus protein is a big yes. Hooray! Apparently, when you combine legumes and seeds, a complete protein source is established. You can go to the article to read about all the fancy terminology and the names of the different proteins.

The article also gives suggestions for vegetarians of other food combinations that make complete proteins, and examples of foods that fit. Those who eat the traditional beans and rice combination are either in the know or just think it tastes great, because grains and legumes combine to make a complete protein.

Again, as always, this new knowledge gets me thinking. It really is so simple. If we just use our common sense and eat whole foods that are colorful and taste good, we are doing our bodies good. Does it help to know fun facts like this one about protein? Sure, even if it is just reinforcement that eating our favorites is a good thing. We loved hummus before, but it may taste that much better the next time I eat it, knowing that I am giving my body a complete source of protein.

Here’s a great recipe for hummus from a blogger who is a fellow hummus lover.

Author by Debra McDuffee